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Offering solutions from our Vivid+ Partner Plans for savings and flexibility or use our standard project-based billing..

Project Management as a Service(PMaaS)

+ Partner Plans

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You have complete control and predictability over process and budget. 

Great if you value simplicity and want confidence and support to launch strategic initiatives without investing in a full time project manager or PMO.



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Consultative, low regulation approach. Best fit for businesses with: (1) smaller teams (2) minimal, simple service requirements, or flexible deadlines (3) curiosity and want to pilot a Vivid+ Partner plan


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Supportive, moderate regulation approach. Best fit for businesses that need: (1) matrix organization communication (2) consistent, steady monitor & control governance (3) vendor or customer engagement


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Directive, high regulation approach. Best fit for businesses with: (1) Active growth strategy with multiple initiatives (2) larger organization size (3) complex structured or unusual risk projects


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Partner Plan Benefits

As much as you need, for as long as you need 

  • Overhead cost savings, transparency, flexibility and manageability

  • Optimization of active service hours needed vs. paying for idle hours

  • Adaptation to fluctuating and distinct project needs & values

  • Reduction of initiative delays due to "skeleton crew" understaffing

  • Eliminated churn of contractors resulting in loss of knowledge and time

  • Developed products and campaigns quicker to market

  • Reduced cancelled projects and task rework

  • Reduced time loss and hassle of hiring/rehiring.

  • Easy integration of a Subject Matter Expert in project delivery

  • Eliminated management of taxes, insurances, paid leave, etc.

  • Support for challenging and critical change initiatives 

  • Support for in-house staff whose time/attention is fully consumed by main duties

  • Enriched results-driven client experience

  • Identification assistance of project needs and duration

  • PM resources without the pressure of a direct hire, who can hit the ground running


According to PMI, businesses that undervalue project management report an average of 50% more project failure.

Often businesses fear unknown Project Management costs. They seek guidance only as a last resort, rather than a proactive source that will position them for success. Imagine how streamlined your initiatives could be if you had a dedicated expert to guide you. Vivid+ Partner Plans provides a bias-free expert in project delivery.

Vivid+ Partner Plans assist in cost efficiency, consistency, communications, innovation, and less inter-functional conflict. We assist with roadblock concerns and easily integrate into your business team with a predictable flat monthly fee.

Do not face Project Management alone. We are committed to helping you navigate project delivery, streamline and optimize processes so you can focus on business growth and profitability.

5-Phase Flow Overview


Intake & Initiate

Identify time, cost, scope, problem or opportunity, KPIs, constraints, expectations, resources, and stakeholders.


Prep & Plan

Establish requirements, dependencies, deliverables, roles, responsibilities, risks, change controls, and communication.


Empower & Execute

Manage project plan progression, meetings, reports, communication, roadblocks, and any changes.


Monitor & Maintain

Monitor progress, risks, effort, investment, and maintenance of quality.


Complete & Close

Complete successful project delivery, baseline comparisons, closure documentation, project approval, and sign off.

For Project-Based Inquiries: 

Please provide a project detailed scope so we can provide you an accurate quote.

Need help deciding which plan?

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