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48% of Americans consider themselves workaholics.
(NY Post, Business Insider)

Statistics show that the average full-time employee spends four hours per week working for free and an additional four hours per week worrying about work.

Redefine success and reclaim satisfaction by aligning career vision
with lifestyle values 

This resource was developed with those in mind who are:

  • Overwhelmed or stuck, unsure where to start, and need clarity & guidance

  • Unfulfilled or dissatisfied in current role, desiring to pivot paths 

  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs seeking business start-up assistance & optimization





Career Checkmate Outcomes:

  • Prioritization of your lifestyle values and perspective of what's a “fit”

  • Identification and leverage of your education, experiences, and expertise 

  • Clarification of your career concerns, goals & execution plan

  • Cultivation of confidence and self-advocacy needed for your career development

  • Optimization of your professional documents and professional profiles

  • Preparation for interviews through provided insights and strategies

Benefits of Coaching

Improved Confidence & Self-Esteem

New Ways to

Solve Problems

Set Effective & Measurable Goals

Increased Accountability

Achievable Goals & Personal Development

Less Stress & Frustration

Action to

Create Change

Gained Insights

on Yourself

Meet Kia


Meet Kia!


Kia is a retired international professional athlete turned Entrepreneur. She founded Career Checkmate after her own transformative epiphany which allowed her to 5X her income while gaining peace-of-mind! How? 

She stopped:

  • lying to herself about her ideals & preferences

  • waiting on someone else to affirm her value/worth

  • accepting roles she knew weren't a fit for her

She started:

  • embracing her unique motivators & triggers

  • job searching with confidence & calculated strategies

  • declining roles that didn't align with her lifestyle values

Kia specializes in Business Process Optimization, Project Management and aims to leverage her education, experiences, and expertise to launch others. She is a globetrotting leader and coach by nature with the ability to transform complex strategies into practical action steps. Kia's agenda: Empower you to redefine success and reclaim satisfaction by aligning your career vision with your lifestyle values.

Phone: (904)-385-8243

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